Articulate Storyline 2 IS NOT OPENING

dear good afternoon,

until a short time ago I was using SL2 normally, but now it just does not open anymore ... see what happens when I try to open (attached video) ... I also can not open any previous projects because the same thing happens. My PC has not undergone any modification or installation of any softwere ... what is happening with SL2? I'm using the updated SL2 ... I've already uninstalled the adobe player and installed again ... I did all the indicated procedures when something wrong is happening and nothing worked

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Marcos Roberto

hello @Alyssa Gomez ... Renato already answered the email and was very attentive ... the problem has already been solved and if I return again, Renato gave directions on how to solve ... the technical support team are incredible ... Thank you for the immediate attention. Thank you very much...
Marcos - Brazil