Articulate Storyline 2 not displaying SCORM 1.2 courses on iPads

Hi Everyone,

Hope you can assist. We are fairly new to Storyline 2 and love the features so far. We have created a simple 4 slide course with a few interactions etc. just to test. This all looks great and when published we can view in a browser or on a PC without a hitch. The issues start when we create a scorm 1.2 course and upload to our LMS system. Using a PC via our LMS the user can view and run the course perfectly. If however we then login to the LMS system via an iPad the user gets prompted to download the Articulate app which it states they need to view this content. When the app is downloaded, the user is then presented with an error stating this course has no content. So any iPad user is unable to see what we have produced.

Is there any way we can simply run the course without being prompted for the articulate app, it should just run as a normal course and we dont really want all our students to have to download the app.

And is there anything we are doing wrong when publishing the course, we are keeping all defaults for SCORM publishing.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Pete Bailey






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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete,

Here is more information about when/why to publish for Tin Can API, and how that'll allow you to view the course in the Articulate Mobile player. If you'd prefer to not use Tin Can, you'll need to uncheck that option as Phil mentioned and then you'll see the HTML5 output within Mobile Safari on your iPad.