Articulate Storyline 2 on a Mac - anyone?

Hi Everyone, 


I already use Articulate Storyline 2 on my Windows machine.  I love Macs and would really prefer to switch my work to a Mac.  I know that you "can" run Storyline 2 on a Mac with a parallels program on the Mac that runs Windows.  I've heard this is dodgy and buggy though.  Anyone with any experience doing this now?  I'd really like to know how it runs.  I also wish Articulate would make a truly Mac-friendly version - please!! 

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Margie,

I've been using Storyline on my Mac for years. Parallels or VMWare Fusion work fine as long as your computer has enough resources. Those who find it dodgy/buggy probably don't have enough RAM to handle running both operating systems at once.

Alternatively, you could install Windows via Boot Camp and use it that way (which is less than ideal as you'd need to reboot to access the Mac side of things).

Andrea Zwaschka

Hi Margie,

I don't know if you've made the switch to Mac at this point, but I just did this about a month ago. It definitely functions, but it also definitely has bugs (I'm using VMware Fusion). For example, the delete key doesn't work unless you hold 'fn' + 'delete.' The screencasts are also blurry, but my research is telling me that's because of the retina display. If you're a hotkey user like I am, functions like control+B or command+B don't work to bold font. The bugs are pretty minimal, but they do get a tad annoying until you memorize the workarounds. 

Let me know if you've switched to Mac and what issues you're having, maybe we can figure out some solutions together!

Margie Grande

Hi Andrea, 

Sorry I was unresponsive!  I am running Storyline on a mac, but I decided to do it with Boot Camp - so essentially, I made a Windows machine on my mac (just part of the hard drive).  I haven't run into any bugs or issues, because I don't try to share anything with the actual mac side of my machine.  I still wish they had a mac version!  I was scared off by hearing some stories where people had frustrations or bugs, and I didn't want to spend a lot of time dealing with those kinds of issues!  ;   )