Articulate storyline 2 packaging problem - urgent!

Hello everyone

We are having a problem with two articulate learning modules when packaging up for LMS incorporation.

The issue is that the LMS doesn't recognise that the user will not have viewed all screens (so complete) and automatically closes the module. We have urgently got a need to fix this as the site is due to go live first thing Monday and we're in Sydney, Australia so only have a few hours to fix this before the weekend.

Does anyone have any guidance here or is happy for us to get in touch?

Thank you for your guidance in advance!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joanna and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Looks like Phil has popped in to help you out here. If you are tracking by number of slides viewed, be sure to consider any branching in your course and choose the shortest path possible for completion.

If you're concerned about the LMS and want to do some comparison testing, we like SCORM Cloud

If you still need some help, be sure to share the .story file so that we can take a look.