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Hi all,

This may have been covered at some point in time here, but I have a quick question regarding creating a course which has multiple tests, but only populates one score.
We had to create several different courses with practically the same content.
However, there is a store level, a corporate level, and a course for new hires, so the information is a little different.
When a corporate employee takes the test when we have all 3 levels listed, it shows as a "FAIL" because the store level and the new hire tests were not taken.
 Does anyone know if there a way to correct this so we can use one course for all 3 levels with 3 different quizzes, but show a pass or fail grade when they take the appropriate quiz for their level?

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Audra Ellison

Thank you for your reply, Ashley!

Do you know how I would set up the results slide to have a passing requirement that accommodates just the one score/result based on the one they took? Is that with a trigger?
I am just now really getting into using more advanced options in Articulate.
The link that is on the website is invalid:


After clicking on "Variables and Hidden Slides"


Thanks so much for all of the information!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Audra,

First I wanted to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here so you may want to look at editing that if you don't want the information publicly available. 

I meant changing the overall passing rate, so for example out of 100- if that is counting 4 separate quizzes, and each one is worth 25% perhaps the "passing score" is set at 20% meaning they'd only be taking/passing one. You could change how the score looks on the slide, but it will report that percent to your LMS so it may not be ideal for your set up.

Here is the link for the Variables and Hidden slide set up.