Articulate Storyline 2 - Tab order for accessiblity

Wondering if there were any improvement made to how the Tab Order can be controlled, within Storyline 2, for accessibility. We have had a number of issues with how Storyline 1 controls tab order and would prefer to be able to set the a custom tab order, as opposed to Storyline's default of Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

Here is a thread on the issue:


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Jure Gabrovšek

Hi, the Tab order is a great feature :) 

Nonetheless I have some problems with using it. Tab order is randomized, regardless to the order i set in the custom order...It is not working when i testing it inside the storyline, I haven't yet tested it outside the program. 

Bug: And also when i want to add new item to the order, i can not scroll down/up among the options!

Thank you!

 Attachment: I added the screen of the storyline content 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jure,

From that screenshot, it's difficult to tell where or how you've set the tabbing order and what is occuring in terms of the behavior you're seeing. If as Kevin mentioned it's a web page you've embedded, Storyline cannot control how elements are tabbed within that page. 

It looks like you may have also shared your .story file in this other thread, so we'll take a look there as well.