Articulate Storyline 3 new version March 5, 2019 exe problem

Mar 21, 2019

I installed Articulate Storyline 3 new version March 5, 2019 and I am facing two problems:

1- When a project is published CD version, the exe is working too slow on some computers and not working at all and says "browser not supporting ....." in other computers, while working with story_html5 on browser is working normal.

2- The CD version is publishing also Mobile and html5 folders.

Any advice please, specially for the first point?

Also does it mean that I will not need to publish web version and upload the published from CD to the web server?

Thanks for advice 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ahmed,

I haven't run into any trouble publishing Storyline 3 courses to CD or playing back those courses. You'll want to check that Internet Explorer 11 is installed on the computers which will play back the content and that you're using the Launch_story.exe file.  If you run into an error message again could you try to grab a screen capture of it? That'll help narrow down where the error is coming from. 

The CD version will create an HTML5 folder as it has HTML5 output. Often some of those assets are also referenced within the mobile folder too, so you'll see both generated. 

As for the two publishing types - where will you ultimately be hosting your content? If you'll be uploading to a web server, I'd publish for Web. If you'll be sending a copy to learners to view locally, publishing to CD is your best option. 

Ahmed Ibrahim

Also it is very slow on the computers it worked on, compared with the published ones by older versions.

In some projects, we can work on them and publish exe in an older version but sometimes we use new features from the last version which prevents us from publishing to an older version.

Any advice please?

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing that error message, Ahmed. Can you open Internet Explorer on that machine and let me know what version you're using? Storyline 3 requires Internet Explorer 11 installed to run the CD output which is formatted for HTML5.

If your customers don't have IE11, another idea is to publish for web and host your content on a server. The support for web output extends to Chrome, earlier versions of IE, Firefox and Edge. You'll need to make sure it's hosted online if published for web to make sure all content plays properly.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Thank you Crystal for your advice

I am having a video based app that is working fine from story_html5 but the videos are working slow from Launch_Story.exe, on IE11, it seems that there is a problem with the video frame rate, so is there a way to change the frame rate of Launch_Story.exe to match with the videos frame rate? or do you suggest and other solution?

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Ahmed. We have an issue documented where performance is sometimes sluggish (with object animations and video media) with the .exe file rather than the story_html5 launch. The only workaround listed is to view the content using the .html file. There is not a way to change the frame rate at this time.

I'll add your discussion to our report so we can keep you notified of any changes!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for checking in, Janagiraman!

No update as of yet, but I'm going to update the right team on this bug's continuing impact. I promise to share an update with you in this discussion as soon as we know more!

As we continue to investigate, would you be willing to share your Storyline file with us? We'd love to take a thorough look at the performance and offer more tailored support. If you're able to share the project, please use this private upload link!

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