Articulate Storyline 3 video and pressed key issues.

Apr 06, 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing fine.


Listen... I have 3 problems with Articulate Storyline 3. First one is the video slides after publishing my course as a web page (only html5). The playback of the whole slide which contains video is very laggy and sluggish.  I'm using chrome btw. I don't have these issues when viewing my course in Articulate before publishing. So it only happens after publishing. When I switched to firefox browser I noticed the video played nicely but switching prom slide to slide in my course has a blinking effect.

The page disappears for a split of a second and the new one reappears. It's fast but you can see that and the immersion and user experience suffers greatly from that. It looks totally unprofessional. It's like Articulate is closing the current slide and building up the new one from a scratch. It looks funny when you have several slides one after the another and they all use the same background image. Each time the background image is being reloaded a new. On chrome this is smooth and I don't see any blinking effects.

Btw - when I looked into my published folder the same image is saved several times. Can't it be saved only once and then used on various slides? It looks like each slide has a copy of the same image. Not very wise when it comes to course size after publishing.

One more thing... I considered publishing as a CD and view it by a player. But after publishing, I noticed my slide triggers don't work. After publishing they're changed to player triggers in the triggers section (another thing I noticed). I've keymapped some slide actions. When you press the Right or Left arrow key on your keyboard you go to the next or previous slide. These work while publishing as a webpage or in build in preview mode but fail to work when I publish as a CD. The left, right, up and down arrow keys are reserved in the player to position the course content inside the player. Is there a way to make them work? I don't want to switch to other keys since the arrows are pretty much very intuitive. And the positioning option is not needed since the course displays itself pretty centered without any problems. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Deczkin! Happy to investigate these with you. 

  1. The playback of video slides is laggy and sluggish: Where are you viewing the published output? Is the output hosted on the web or are you viewing from your local computer?

    Testing web published content locally can cause playback issues, so I would recommend hosting the content online before testing it.
  2. Duplicate image files in the published output folder: We're seeing the same problem, and our Product team is keeping an eye on it's impact. If I get new information on this bug, I'll pass it along to you. 
  3. Keypress trigger does not work in published CD output: This is also a bug we're investigating in Storyline 3. I don't see that we've identified any workarounds yet, but I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress. 
Kobold Deekin

Hi there, Alyssa! Thanks for coming back with some info regarding these issues.

Ad1.  I'm currently viewing it from my local computer. From the location where I saved it. But I will try your method to see if that helps.

Ad2 & Ad3. I see. I know this can be a difficult question to answer but do you have any idea when this might be fixed? I already found a topic regarding Ad3 from 4 years ago and looks like this still hasn't been fixed yet. So... is someone working on this or it's just on the "to do list" with no estimate deadline at all?


Thanks once again!



Ian Coltman

Video has worked terribly for the publish I have been attempting all week. I found a workaround by using Handbrake to encode the videos in progressive (web-optimized) format and then overwriting the videos in the story content folder after the full course has been published for LMS.

The overwrite is necessary because the ability to deactivate the compression in Storyline is disabled for no good reason... and the publish process will effectively take the video you prepared properly and screw it up again... don't ask me why... I'm just a hostage.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Deczkin,

With regards to time, we do not have a timeline. I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur. As Alyssa mentioned, this conversation is attached to the reports so that you will be notified of any updates that we have to share.

Hi Ian,

Glad that using Handbrake was helpful for you. That's the tool that we use many times as well.

I wanted to share some information about why the option for compression may have been unavailable for you:

Storyline supports uncompressed MP4 videos in published output. This applies to the three most common MP4 profiles: baseline, main, and high.

If the Compression property is grayed out, it means your video was created with a different profile or it has been edited with Storyline's built-in video editor.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Everyone, 

I am happy to share an update for Storyline 3! 

We just released the newest version of Storyline 3 (Build 3.10.22406.0) this morning. This release includes a fix for the issue where the same media file used on multiple slides was duplicated in the published output. You can find more details about this update here: 

To apply this update and fix to Storyline 3, you'll want to follow the steps outlined in this guide here: 

Please reach out if you have any questions! We are happy to help. 

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