Articulate Storyline 360 - animation effect does not appear in HTML in IE that which works fine with Chrome

Dear All,

This is regarding an articulate 360 version, i have applied in few animation effects in the course for an instance, the name of the effect is wipe, shape etc..which doesn't appear in html version the course launch in IE in constrast the course works fine with Chrome.

Please update the software, all the effects should work in IE browser compatiablity.

Warm regards,

Muthuvijayan S

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dawn.  Fade animations should work in IE, both Flash and HTML5 output.  Can you tell me a bit more about the object it's applied to?  Also, are you hosting your output on the web, in an LMS, or somewhere else?

Feel free to share your .story file here, too, and I'll run some tests on my end!  If it's sensitive, you can use this private link.