Articulate Storyline 360 Desktop/Mobile Responsiveness

Feb 06, 2018

Hello and good day everyone!

In behalf of my company, I'd like to ask your assistance and input in regards to the contents of this link and guide:

We are trying to create a responsive articulate storyline 360 module that works(and LOOKS) best in both Desktop and Mobile view.

What we want is for the module to scale and fit properly when viewed on Mobile(no black gaps/borders). Our desktop view's are all good though. 

According to the link it is possible to merge up 2(two) SL Modules and have them seamlessly switch between each other respective of where they're viewed.

We understand that to do this we obviously should have 2(two) modules, 1(one) desktop optimized and 1(one) mobile optimized SL Module, we made this and followed through the steps in the link provided, and lastly edited the .html file adding a bit of code somewhere.

Even after following the instructions provided, we failed to obtain our desired result(The module didn't even run on Mobile). 

To summarize:

  1. Is there a way to make SL modules scale and fit properly in Mobile view? (Borderless/No black gaps)
  2. Has anyone ever tried the link I referenced? If so, I'd like to hear your inputs and how you made it work - or tried to make it work. Any data at all will be appreciated. The functionality the link provided is priceless and would save a lot of future troubles for us here in our company.
  3. Other than the link I referenced.
    Is there another existing way to merge 2(two) SL modules(mobile & desktop optimized versions) and make them seamlessly switch between one another whenever they're viewed at Mobile or Desktop?
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