Articulate Storyline 360 - Fill-in-the-Blank question

I'm using the latest version of Storyline (part of 360 apps).

I am having some weird issues with the graded Fill in the Blank (FIB) question.

When testing a FIB question in the SCORM Cloud, I click in the "type your text here" and the box will present a random number.  Not all the questions do this.  Why is this happening?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sandra!

I'm happy to help. It sounds like the fill-in-the-blank question is showing a number when selecting the text field before typing. That isn't something I've run into before. Is it showing a previously typed number, or is there any significance to the exact number displayed?

I'm happy to take a look at your project to understand what you've created so far. You can upload the .story file using a support case.