Articulate Storyline 360 - Preview is too large


I am new to SL 360 but not SL.  I noticed that one of my slides is previewing larger than the build view.    Not all of my content is visible in preview because of this.  Is there a setting or a change that I need to make?   I did a bit of reading on elearning heroes regarding player and preview settings but nothing seems to be working.  Thank you!  I have included a screenshot as well.  see attached. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Christa,

Happy to help! The only instances I've come across when the preview is too large is that your story size is smaller than the elements on the slide. Can you double-check this by going to the Design tab, and clicking on Story Size?

Also, it looks like your screenshot didn't make it. Can you try to re-upload that and your .story file if you're comfortable sharing it so the community can take a look? If you prefer to keep it private, feel free to connect with a support engineer, and they'll help you test your file as well!