Articulate Storyline 360 Randomly changing audio files

Dec 14, 2017

After the most recent updates to Storyline 360, I have encountered an issue with Storyline randomly changing out the audio on a slide with a different audio file. 

Has anyone else experienced this? For example on Slide 23, I have an audio file named 22.mp3. All is well in preview, but when I publish, the slide will play a completely different audio file. 

Thinking, I made an error. I go back in and fix the file, but after publishing again, now the offending switched audio file is playing on Slide 1. 

I notice, that if I go into Edit Audio for the slide, the bad file will switch back to the correct one. 

I am out of ideas for what is going on here. Anyone have any thoughts or encountering this issue?

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Walton Stanley

Thanks Alyssa. Yes, it was strange. I did finally, get it to publish correctly, but it took a number of tries. The odd thing is that I could preview the entire project and have it play perfectly, then publish it and have the audio file substitution on some random slide.


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Elliott Brown

This happened to me too! Was really random on several slides... the slide audio would play something different that what was on the screen... So I thought for a second I imported the wrong audio... so I re-import... the files visually look the same... (the waveforms are identical) but the new imported audio played properly and the other audio still played different audio from the project. My solution was just re-import the audio on the effected slides... but there was no rhyme or reason. Was very weird.


Ulf Eklund

I have experienced the same problem on two of my slides. When previewing both on preview and on the play button in the timeline it plays another audiofile I have on another slide. If I use the player in the timeline I can see and listen and about half way the wrong audio ends and it's quiet, but there is still audi waves from the correct file in the timeline. 
Tried to delet and replace an just replace no difference, still playing another audio.

The strange thing is that I previewed it instantly when I inserted the adiuo file for the first time and played as expected. Made a publish to review and after that it was another audio playing and now I cant change it.

Also shut down Storyline and restarted it, no change. Now I tride to replace the file and now it shows the waves of the wrong file (the audio that I hear) but it's filename is the imported file name which contains another audio. When I listen to that file with that specific filename outside Storyline it's the correct audio. ???

Becca Levan

Hi Terry,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you've tried so far. I'm sorry to hear you're still hitting this roadblock, so from here, I'd like to have our support engineers help troubleshoot.

I've opened a case on your behalf—stay tuned for an email from me with a private link to share your file.

Once someone from my team investigates your file, they'll be in touch with a next step, and we'll keep the communication going in your case, so we have it all in one spot!

Tim Enticott

Hi Becca, I've also had this happen to me on a few occasions too, but usually towards the end of a project when I have numerous slides and audio files. The only "solution" I've found is to edit the audio file in storyline and delete a segment of it (usually at the end) which seems to correct it in most cases. Would be great if there was a more permanent fix though, as I usually can't replicate the issue in preview, only when publishing a video which is quite time consuming.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tim and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

I appreciate you chiming in to share that you are experiencing a similar issue as well. I was able to take a look at the latest conversation with Terry, but we did not hear back to take a look at the file.

I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening with your permission. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Tim Enticott

Hi Leslie, Unfortunately I no longer have that version, I usually just to have to fix it and move on. I also couldn't recreate it by uploading the original audio files and it's not easy to predict which files it will do it too before publishing to video. When it happens again though, I'll save a version of that file and send it to your team.


Ulf Eklund

If it helps, I noticed that sometimes when I click on the little play button in the Timleline, Storyline hangs and you get the popup window where articulate wants feedback. When sending that Storyline still works but have made some soundfiles incorrect (replaced) which you, of course, not notices at first.
At first I ignored it and just kept on working, but then some sound files was replaced, next time this happend I saved, shut down Storyline and restarted an the files where correct again. ???