Articulate Storyline and Folder Redirection

May 29, 2013

I'm not able to run the articulate Storyline on some of our user workstations. We use folder redirection where some users do not have direct access to their My Documents folder under their local Windows 7 profile, instead when they click on the My Documents Folder they are redirected to their personal network drive to save files. When I try to run the program from a user's profile I get the following error. "Articulate Storyline has stopped working"

Is their a work around to get this program working? Maybe a registry change?


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Bob Wiker

Have Storyline users set up a new, separate folder structure on their C: drive and use it to store Articulate files and published projects.

C:\  >  MyFiles  >  Articulate  > Storyline  >  [Storyline source files]

C:\  >  MyFiles  >  Articulate  > My Articulate Projects  >  [Storyline published projects]

I do this and it works fine. It keeps my files off the synced network drive that 'My Documents' has been mapped to. Storyline and the Articulate Studio (Presenter, Quizmaker, Engage) all work fine.

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