Articulate Storyline and Kenexa

Hi everyone, 

I am trying to gather information about the compatibility of Articulate Storyline with the Kenexa LMS by IBM. I searched their site but found no clues about that, so I'm turning to this forum. Apart from the fact that a client of mine is asking this, I believe that it could be a useful information for everyone in the community, given the fact that Kenexa is spreading in the corporate world. 

Can you help me on that?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dario -- Thank you for your question, and unfortunately, I have not come across many threads that have discussed the pros and cons of using Kenexa as of yet. I found this information, but I don't believe it contains the level of specific information you were seeking. 

Hopefully, other members of the community will be able to offer their input and give you additional details on their experience using Kenexa in conjunction with SL2.