Articulate Storyline and Mozilla Firefox (URGENT)

Sep 04, 2012


I'm having problems with a published file when reviewing it using Mozilla Firefox, version 15.

The contents are disorganized and some buttons don't work - we click on them but they don't respond.

Do you think it may be related to security permissions of the browser? In the offline mode, it all works well, even using Mozilla Firefox. Why does the behavior change when it's online?

Thanks in advance,


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Rosa.

This knowledge base article is specific to Articulate Presenter, but it may work in your case as well.  Give it a try and let us know how you make out.

If this does not solve the problem for you, I think we'll need a bit more information in order to troubleshoot the problem for you:

  1. When you published your project, did you Select the "Include HTML5 output" checkbox?  If so, are you viewing the HTML5 output in Firefox?
  2. How does the published project function in other browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer?  Is this a browser-specific problem?
  3. Can you supply us with a copy of your *.story file for troubleshooting purposes?  Is the published project on a publicly-available web server where we could take a look at this behavior?

Thanks for your help!

Ana Victória


Let me answer that Justin:

- I did not published with HTML5 option. Its to run in our LMS.

- I think it's specific to Firefox. It works fine in the LMS using IE. With Firefox version 15 only works locally (outside the LMS). With other versions works fine on the LMS.

I will try to make a lighter version since the file is 400Mb (I will erase the videos)... How can I send it?

The issue is that the results slide wont work - my score and minimal score are always 0.

Thanks in advance (and thanks to Rosa that is trying to solve this for us ),


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