Articulate Storyline book marking problem with mobile apps

Hi Team

We have had some advice as per below:  

It is recommended that the content does not send the cmi.core.exit value as suspend. After implementing this recommendation, the content works properly on desktop but not on mobile –  and that is the issue with Articulate (it’s exhibiting different behaviors while communicating/interpreting the data, for different platforms for the same content ).  One of our mobile experts looked at the content “AZLearn” content and found the following:

We have seen problems with launching Articulate Storykline content (HTML5 ) on a mobile app that if the user pauses the e-learning comes back and fully completes, it is not recording completion ?

story.html, inside the ZIP file, has the following code snippet inside of s <script> tag:
var g_biOS = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("AppleWebKit/") > -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Mobile/") > -1);
var g_biPad = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("iPad") > -1)

Then based on these values, it replaces the URL location with either ioslaunch.html or story_html5.html with some query parameters. In the case of Saba Player, I believe it uses story_html5.html.
Once it loads story_html5.html instead of story.html, the flow is completely different. For example, I saw story.html loading some SWF file, whereas story_html5.html uses HTML 5. story_html5 also uses JavaScript files under mobile/, which are not used by story.html

Hope tha above helps to determine the issue ?





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Christie Pollick

Hi, Gary -- Sorry to hear that the info I suggested did not do the trick, but you are welcome to share your file if you would like us to perform some testing on our end to see if we can reproduce the behavior. If you'd like to share your file privately, please use this form to submit and we'll be in touch with our findings just as soon as possible.