Articulate Storyline course on Ubuntu

I need some assistance with a problem encountered in CS HYD. We created an online class in Articulate Storyline 2 and published it on KNET. Most of the CSA population in HYD works on Ubuntu operating software. Some of the CSAs pointed out that some of the buttons in the online class are not working. However all the buttons are working on systems with Windows operating Software. 

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david mckisick

I work in Linux quite a bit. Storyline itself is not going to work well on that OS, however, published html or swf output should work just find on Linux because it is web browser based. Ubuntu comes with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, which works fine with a published course in my experience. They can also install Google Chrome, and it should work fine on that too.

Issues to watch out for - the flash version needs to be in line with the one that ashley posted, and I think they need to have a working version of Java. That open source flash alternative will not work here, and that is probably what comes stock with Ubuntu. So they may have to install the real Flash from Adobe.

Vinila Koganti

Hello David and Ashley,

Thanks for the quick response. They are opening the published file currently on LMS on a Linux Operating software. 

I asked them to start the course from the start again and it is working fine. But I am a little curious to know why the button didn't pop up in the initial attempt.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vinila,

It's difficult to say why the button didn't work the first time - perhaps the course got caught up in loading? Did you check what browser they were operating through as well? Are they viewing the Flash or HTML5 output? I suspect since David has used a Linux set up before he may be a bit more helpful in terms of this query.