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Kelly Meeker

Hi Mary, and thanks for your interest in kicking off a user group! There are a bunch of ways you can get started. Definitely check out these tips Nicole created for user group organizers:


I will also add a link to this thread to the user group listing in this article. And I bet people will notice this post and comment here if they're interested! You can reach me at kmeeker@articulate.com if you have any follow-up questions. Thanks again!


Mary Ward

Thanks Kelly, I have already done the checklist, posts, gathered names and
sent surveys to interested ones to determine their expectations.

We are now at the point of determining where and when to meet.

Is there an easy way to do this other than rounds and rounds of emails? I
notice some of the locations have a site listed? How does this work.

Mary Ward
Sr. e-Learning Specialist

Charmagne ROGERS

Would it be appropriate to share an eLearning opportunity with this group for the Hoffman Estates, IL area? CDK Global is growing and looking for creative instructional designers to join our team. Please let me know the best way to share this information with the group.

thanks, Charmagne.rogers@cdk.com

Charmagne ROGERS