Articulate Storyline Error

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has this issue.

We have Articulate Storyline for many online learning courses. They are all made in Storyline 1. 

All our slides have custom next and previous buttons. All our interaction slides have the rule that "if the user does not click all the interactions, when they click next, a layer appears saying you cannot advance to the next slide until all interactions have been completed".

However I keep finding that sometimes if I have gone through the interaction quite quickly, this layer appears even though I have clicked all my interactions. When I click previous and redo the interaction a bit slower, it works and I can advance to the next slide no problem.

This happens though at times even when I don't complete the interaction fast. Sometimes you complete the interaction and go to click next but your hit with the layer. So you hit previous and try it again and it miraculously does work.

I have checked all the triggers and rules etc and they are all in place and correct. There should be no reason for this not to run as it should.

I am wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this same issue, is it a Storyline fault?

I unfortunately cannot replicate and upload an attachment as it doesn't always do this. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

Any help would be appreciated please.


Thank you.


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