articulate storyline feature request - or am I missing something?

Feb 01, 2013

When I click Edit Video > Trim, the red line that I use to mark the new beginning location of my video clip is impossible to move to zero?! It is a 35 minute video (I know - huge!).. but the mouse won't go back far enough to get it to the start?

Ideally, it could be adjusted with a counter to the specific second.

I will add a feature request... unless anyone has any tips??

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ant,

I'm not seeing the same thing, but maybe you can double-check this for me. Once you open the video and select "Trim", there's actually two "bars". There should be a dark bar and the red bar. If you move the dark bar to the "0:00" mark, you should be able to move the red bar, as well. 

Can you try that out and let me know if this works for you, now?

If not, can you share a .STORY file with the video on a slide, so I can take a look?


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