Articulate Storyline for Ubuntu

Jan 12, 2015


Tell me, please, can i install Articulate Storyline 2 on Ubuntu 14.04?

Thanks for your answer!

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Chris Santos

Just wanted to add my two cents on the topic just in case anyone is still interested in installing Articulate Storyline on Ubuntu.

As Phil mentioned, the application runs in Windows only. 

Having said that, it is still possible to install and run any Windows application in Ubuntu using an add-on called Wine.  For more information regarding Wine, you can go here.  Also, since Storyline utilizes various Microsoft runtime libraries, you will need to use a helper script like WIneTricks in order to download and install .net Framework 4.5 for example.

In the end, even if you were able to install it, it is very likely that you might run into some issues when running the application since the software was designed for a totally different platform.  So proceed with caution as this kind of set up in the end is not supported.

Hope this helps.

Knut Jackowski
Chris Santos  So proceed with caution as this kind of set up in the end is not supported


Just to make it still a little clearer: this is not only not supported by Articulate, which is to be expected for a software developed for the Windows operating system, it is also not supported by the Wine community.

dean shultz

Hi Vladislav,

Virtualbox works on the 360 install i just completed.

I can add that Microsoft also makes VirtualBox machines for download:

They're free but need re-armed every 90 days, max 4 times. 

I notice the link offers 64 bit in Win 10 only, which I don't recall being a limitation when I downloaded the files, so be aware and check Articulate requirements first.



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