Articulate Storyline Game Templates & Previous Storyline Versions

Sep 16, 2020

Hello there

I just bought an Articulate 360 subscription and I am trying to start building a mini-game for a work project. From my research, I realized that using a ready articulate storyline template(s) would be a PLUS for several reasons (more advanced interactions, design-ready, and because beautiful game concepts already exist out there. So I was wondering ...

  1. if all templates are compatible with storyline 360 even if they have been created with previous Storyline versions and if YES which versions are those?
  2. if is it suggested to mix/use more that one template for a project and from different versions (e.g. a quest game with a gamified quiz template) or this would cause extra pains? 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind Regards,



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Ryan Crockett

Hi Sophia,

Storyline does a great job of backwards compatibility. If you open an older version file, it creates a copy of it in the newer version. I have never encountered an error when I have done this with SL 2 and 3 files. 

As far as mixing templates, that's fine as each will have it's own master slides and versions won't be an issue as SL will convert each file to the latest version. You'll want to adjust the theme/styles so they are consistent throughout the slides so the end result will have visual cohesiveness, but you can pull slides from different projects to use. 

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