Articulate Storyline: How do I store a variable from my project into my site? PHP, MySql or Javascript

Apr 07, 2017

I am making a Driving Theory Test website, which tracks users progress on the site using tests and games etc. I have made a game using Articulate Storyline, at the end of the game you get your score. Is there any way I can extract this score and upload it to my MySql database?

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Brian Dennis

I'd suggest splitting your question into two parts. The harder - "post" (uploading) something to my database (like MySQL). This post has some good elements to point you in a direction. Note, this task isn't trivial, involves script knowledge, programming and code running outside of SL as well to handle the database writing piece. Once you have those pieces in place, Articulate has some great articles in their knowledge base on getting & tracking scores to be posted. Good luck

Scott Sullivan

I looked at this about a year ago, in the end I abandoned it in favor of writing my variables to a google sheet.

What I had did work though. I had a short piece of java script that ran at the end of my storyline project. Essentially it collected my variables and passed them to some php via the url. The php then inputted this data into a MySQL database on the site.

Files I used are attached. Hope this helps.

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