Articulate Storyline & HTML5 Supported Mobile Phones

Jun 10, 2012

Hello folks,

                     Have anybody tried articulate storyline on any html5 supported mobile phones. If any what is the model and maker of the phone. If the phone is android, what operating system? android 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 or what? Preferably, I need a list of mobile phones that support articulate storyline html5 output.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Showemimo!

To view Storyline content on an iPhone, include HTML5 output when publishing and launch the course in mobile Safari. You can learn more about viewing Storyline on iPhone here.

And I can't offer you a list of specific Android phones, but when you direct learners to the story.html file in your published course, they'll automatically view the best output for their device and browser. Most Android devices support Flash, so learners will have the best experience by viewing the Flash version of your course. If they're using a browser that doesn't support Flash and if you included HTML5 output when you published, they'll see the HTML5 version instead. See this article for details on how this works.

Hope that helps

Dave Halvorson

Hi Peter,

Thanks for this note. I'm creating my first lesson using a free trial of Storyline, and am unable to view my published content on the iPhone.

I think I've followed all the instructions listed in the link you posted above, and my lesson works flawlessly on the iPad (within the Articulate player app) AND on an Android phone. However, on the iPhone, I'm getting a blank screen after selecting the 'Play' button from the 'story.html' link. It seems like the lesson is looking for the player app, but since it's not available for the iPhone, I'm getting stuck on the blank screen.

Any advice? Thanks!

Dave Halvorson

Actually, I was able to figure out my issue. I had 'Private Browsing' enabled on my iPhone. Once I turned that off, everything worked as expected. Thanks anyway for your response!

On a related note, are there plans to offer an iPhone Articulate app? I'd prefer to offer learners the chance to download the content so it's available offline on an iPhone too.

Peter Anderson

Cool, glad to hear it, Dave That's actually a known issue I should've mentioned. 

As far as a mobile app for the iPhone, I'd encourage you to submit a feature request as a kind of "vote" if it's something you'd like to see in the future. It's not our practice to discuss things we have in the works, but we do our best to meet the needs of all of our customers. Thanks for the input!

Carin Neethling

Hi Peter

Just published a course for scorm 2004 3rd edition with html 5 output enabled.

Uploaded to the LMS and on PC it works fine. However, on a 5.5" mobile phone screen the content does not seem to resize for optimum viewing. Guess this leads me to the first question... is this screen size supported by Storyline?

I then had a look at the imsmanifest file, which as I understand it, tells the LMS which file to open when the content is accessed.  From what I can see, it references the index_lms.html file.

Based on the above, I have a few (more) questions:

1) is there a specific setting that 'dictates' that the content should resize to the max size of the screen / browser?


2) should I manually change the imsmanifest to reference story.html before uploading onto the LMS? If not, what am I missing?

Thanks a mill!

Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Catriin!

It actually sounds like you've got the right file being launched - if your LMS requires that you identify a single launch file once you've uploaded your content, the file to point to is index_lms.html.

The issue with the course's size is something that I'm afraid I don't have any experience with, as we currently only support iOS devices, but it does sound like you're on the right track. 

What specific device are you trying to view the course on - a tablet, or large phone? Perhaps a search here in our forums or Google can point you to a helpful thread on the same device. 

Best of luck, Catrin

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Madhav,

Although Storyline content may work on some Android devices, currently Articulate does not officially support Android devices or browsers. Click here to review the system requirements for authoring and viewing Storyline content.

If you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, we welcome your feature requests.


Jeremy Stiffler

I'm having a similar issue. The play is very small when holding the phone normally. When I rotate the phone to a 'landscape' view it sizes pretty well on the phone. Only other issue is I have video files for each slide. Each time a slide plays it pops out into the Safari player then pops back into the SL file, then pops back out into the video player. 

Is there any way to fix this? I'm accessing any HTML file I can but no luck.

Here's the link to my files online:


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