Articulate Storyline in Blackboard Learn

Hi there,

I have seen similar issues raised elsewhere but not a solution yet.

I am wanting to embed (although linking would suffice) Storyline content in a Blackboard Learn course. I have published to web (we have no need to track) and I have uploaded this zipped file to the content collection in Learn (as a themed package so it auto unzips and respects the integrity of the file structure).


When I try and launch the content (either by simply opening the story.html file or story_html5.html file) or by linking to it from within an item on Learn, I instead see the attached. This is NOT replicated when I launch locally and therefore it appears to be an issue with hosting the published content on Blackboard.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, can you advise?

Many thanks in advance,


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Elizabeth Miles

Hi Alex,

I publish as SCORM, then create a new folder in the Content Collection, upload the zip file to that and link to the story.html file.  In the past, I've done the same by publishing as web and that worked too.  I've documented my process and will be happy to share if that will help.  :)

Alex Burford

Hi Walt and Elizabeth,

Many thanks for replying. I have tried publishing to LMS and adding to the Learn course as a SCORM package. This works but opens in a standalone window. The reason I want to embed (rather than just link) is because Storyline has a maximum story height (around 2,400px I think) and therefore I've had to 'chunk' my project in two. I'd like to place them, one on top of the other and the only way to do this is to embed.

@Elizabeth - I've tried publishing to LMS and uploading the zipped file as a theme package to the content collection. However, when I try and open the story.html file I get a similar return. If you don't mind sharing your process with me I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks :-)




Elizabeth Miles

Hi Alex,

I've attached my documentation here and hope it helps.  Bb often interprets content that opens in the frame as a security risk, so opening in a new window will probably work better than embedding.  (It's the same behavior you sometimes see if you add a link and don't select the option to open in a new window.)  

You can skip Step 1.  I created these instructions based on an older version of Studio, but the process is the same for Storyline - where you see the reference to presentation.html you should select story.html.  

Good luck with your project!  

Alex Burford

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for sharing your processes with me. Unfortunately, I'm still seeing the same error. The issue seems to be with BB hosting these files - they just won't display.  

Ho hum, back to the drawing board. I think I'm going to have to re-draw in Adobe InDesign and publish as an interactive PDF. I *knew* there was a reason I stopped using Storyline when I moved to an HE institution which used Bb.

Thanks anyway,




Kevin Burdon

I know this is an old thread but I've just happened across it while experiencing the same problem.

After testing, we've found there may be a permissions issue on Blackboard which is preventing it uploading correctly to the Content Collection (some scripts were removed from the uploaded html, most likely for valid security concerns). Non-admin users were having the problem you mention, but admin users were not. We're looking into it further at our institution, it might be worth looking into it with your own tech support too. Hope that helps if anyone else stumbles across this issue in future...

SCORM items work fine.