Articulate Storyline integration with Salesforce

Oct 03, 2013


Is anybody out there using Sales force to capture data from their articulate storyline courses via their LMS? 

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Gavin Henry

Hi Cheryl & Ashley,

I'm not to sure one how to explain what is needed, because our Client will have their storyline content placed on top their LMS which is called Compliance Wire. Compliance Wire will be able to track all the relevant info that most companies require (name, titles, where attempts at quizzes etc). However their staff use Salesforce to access this content, and they know this communicates with sales force. However they are unsure about how well the two communicate, for instance if someone only does half a module (just say) will this be picked up by the LMS the next time they log back into Salesforce? Do test scores get captured? Any data entered into Articulate text fields, does this get captured?

Hope this helps


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for the additional information. I haven't heard of anyone using Salesforce to launch the course modules either, but it sounds like you may also want to check with the team at Compliance Wire in terms of what information is gathered and if there is anyway to share that information back to Salesforce as it sounds like it would need to happen from your LMS, not the Storyline file itself. 

If you're able to figure something out with them, I'd be curious to hear what they did, so if you're able to come back and update this thread that would be great! 

Muhammad Bilal

Hi Gavin, we are using e-front LMS and is all connected to Salesforce. The data flows from Salesforce to e-front and from e-front to Salesforce seamlessly. I will try to give you some pointers which hopefully will be helpful.

Data from Salesforce to LMS:

We create users and assign courses from Salesforce to LMS by a simple click of a button. To achieve that you have to use salesforce feature called "outbound messages". This sends an encrypted information to your specified URL where you can create a file that will receive the encrypted message using php/javascript or any other language you are proficient in.

Using that php middleware file you will then convert the data into the format your LMS can accept. Using the API of your LMS you can create/update user or assign/revoke access to any courses. Once completed your LMS will return an acknowledgment or error message, send this back to Salesforce using Salesforce REST/SOAP API (Click here to see how to use SOAP API) so you will know if there was any error in the process.

Sending Progress from LMS to Salesforce:

Our LMS is very basic when it comes to sending the data to any external systems. The only thing you can do in our LMS is to send an email notification to course manager when someone completes the course or test.

Simply add an auto forward of these LMS notifications from course manager's email to Salesforce.

Salesforce can receive these emails using a feature called "Email Services" and perform any operation that you want. For example, in our case, we update the user score of the test etc and send surveys/certificates.

I hope this will help you achieve what you are trying to do!



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