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Hello Articulate Team,

I have a quick question. I have run into this problem a few times and am curious if this is something you have encountered at all before, especially with other LMS's. Recently, we have seen a few customers coming forward with the problem that people are not getting marked as complete when they have, in fact, completed the scorm module. Does this have anything to do with a certain setting? Since Litmos simply "reads" and "does" whatever the scorm file tells it to, depending on the settings they have chosen when creating the file.

Any feedback is much appreciated.



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lilian soon

The only way I've been able to resolve this issue (that seems common to a lot of people, Storyline!!)  is to have javascript execute on the last page with 


or else to have a scored activity at the end of a module and have it track by results slide.

We've spent many hours trying to get a resolution to this without success so have implemented the above 2 options, for sanity's sake!