Articulate Storyline output doesn't work with HTML5

Dear all,

Perhaps there are already some posts concerning the problem with the HTML5 output, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything.

Some facts: I created a quiz with Articulate Storyline. It works perfectly on a ‘normal’ PC / notebook with Windows. I tested it with Firefox, IE and Chrome and the flash output runs great. 

Unfortunately on mobile devices (Android / iOS) the content doesn’t run. Immediately if I start the output with such a device the browser uses HTML 5. Graphically the output looks perfect, but there is no possibility to use the menu bar or e.g. the multiple response quiz. Without HTML 5 the output cannot be used, because the device doesn’t support flash. What can I do therewith the output runs in the usual manner on all mobile devices? Many thanks in advance for your help and support!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pilz Academy -- 

Thanks so much for your question! Please review the information here on Publishing a Course for Mobile Devices, specifically the section below:

How Do I Publish for HTML5 and/or the Articulate Mobile Player App?

When you publish for WebArticulate Online, or LMS, you'll see options for HTML5 and the Articulate Mobile Player.

  • If learners will be using mobile devices that support Flash, they'll see the default Flash version of your course, regardless of the mobile publishing options you select.
  • If learners will be using mobile devices that don't support Flash or the Articulate Mobile Player app, mark the box to Include HTML5 output.
  • If learners will be using iPads or Android tablets, mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android for the best viewing experience. (Anyone can download the free Articulate Mobile Player app from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.)
  • If learners will be using the Articulate Mobile Player app and you want to let them view content without an Internet connection, mark the box to Allow downloading for offline viewing.