Articulate Storyline playback audio issue (wav files)


I have real problem with the audio in my Storyline 360 course.

When you replay a slide the audio clips some bits, doesn’t play other audio sections and is generally very hit and miss.

I have had this issue with the playback in Review 360 and spent ages trying to fix it, I tried just embedding the audio in the timeline, then I tried triggers activated when the timeline reaches a certain time point.

Finally I tried using triggers activated by cue points, nothing seemed to work.

When I sent it to the client they said it played back fine. I then thought this issue might just be in Review mode.

However I have exported the files as Scorm 1.2, it has been uploaded to the clients LMS system run by Skillgate and now the issue has returned.

All of the audio is captioned and saved as .wav files. All of the slides are set to advance 'By User' and 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting. All slide navigation and gestures are switched off. I work on a Mac, running MacOS Big Sur (V 11.2.3), and use Parallels inside this environment running Windows 10.

The project is here:

Clicking on the train should replay the slide, clicking the green arrow moves to the next slide and the pink arrow goes back to the previous slide.

Storyline file attached.

Hopefully someone can help.

Regards Kelvin

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Kelvin Sprague