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Vincent Scoma

Hi Ilias,  

When publishing your course, you'll want to use the LMS publishing option in Storyline 360. This will allow you to input various information to meet your LMS specifications. For example, if you need the output option to be set to AICC, you can make this adjustment from the Publishing window: 

We have a great resource that provides further details on this here

Let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help! 

Ilias Christoforou

Thanks Vincent your explanation is well received with thanks.Our intention is to stream the content from a local server instead of the ACP cloud.Meaning AICC formatted training material shall be stored in a local hard drive which shall be connected to the company network and then when learners attend a training through our LMS Adobe Captivate Prime the course should stream the content from the local hard drive.My question do we need to modify the Storyline AICC output file in order to be able to deliver content in a cross domain environment?Appreciate your advise

Lauren Connelly

Hi Ilias!

This is a great question! I'm not familiar with the specifics of Adobe Captivate Prime but this is how we recommend publishing a course for an LMS:

  1. First, publish your course for LMS distribution.
  2. Then, click the Zip option on the Publish Successful dialog and upload the zip file to your LMS.
  3. Finally, invite learners to your LMS to take the course.

As far as uploading the content, this would be something to confirm with your LMS provider for instructions.

Let us know what you find!