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Oct 24, 2018

I have created a knowledge quiz with nothing other than a 35 question bank and an introduction and results page. I have selected Draw questions randomly. 10 of 35 questions are marked as Always in Include in Shuffle, the rest are marked as Randomly 

In the 'editing' mode the 'Always' questions are spread evenly throughout the question bank - meaning that the first question is marked as Always and the second and third questions are marked as Randomly and the fourth is marked as Always and so on. 

When I upload the SCORM file to the LMS. The 10 Always questions are always presented first while the remaining 10 questions are randomized correctly. When I launch the quiz again I get the same problem again, that is the 10 Always questions are presenetd first and the remaining questions that are presented s Randomly are randomized as they should be.

Is there any way that I can get the questions marked as 'Always' randomly placed in the knowledge test so that they do not always appear as the first ten questions? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Simon,

Have you tried locking questions to one another? That's the only way to ensure what order they're going to appear in, otherwise your Always questions will be pulled first and then your other questions randomly. 

You could also look at breaking this into multiple question banks. Say 5 banks, each containing 2 of your Always questions and then divide up the Random questions among them. That way each slide draw will pull 2 Always questions, 5 Random questions and then next slide draw will pull 2 Always, 5 Random, and so on. 

You can still report on all of those from one results slide, so it shouldn't impact your tracking or what the learner sees at all. 

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