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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sanchit

see if the attached works for you.  I created a new scene and duplicated your slide.  I changed the blue text rectangle to have 3 states that held each of the text statements and changed the state via trigger when timeline reaches a cue point.  

To my knowledge you cannot have a seekbar display continuously over slides or even over layers.

Hope this helps or gives you some ideas.  You could add fade animations to the states if you wanted.

Sanchit Bhasin

Single Frame

I basically want:

1. In frame 1.1, with Product A and Product B when seek bar progresses, image from 1.2 appears.

2. I tried adding state to Product B, so that when seek bar progresses - only image from 1.2 appears. 

3. However, currently we have both Product A and image from 1.2 appearing.

Kindly suggest if this is possible that 1.2 appears without both product a and product b on the screen.


Sanchit Malvika


Walt Hamilton

Yes. 1. Insert the graph you want as a graphic into SL. 2. Copy it. 3. Edit States of Blue "did you know object. Select state 2. (Someday, you'll be sorry you didn't learn to give objects like states descriptive names.) 4. Paste graphic. 5. Move it to the location on the screen where you want it to appear when is is revealed. 6. End editing.