Articulate Storyline SCORM published to CD does not load on some computers

Sep 02, 2015

Hi there,

I am publishing to CD for offline viewing purposes.  I can launch the course fine on my computer, but when I copy the zipped folder to a USB, extract onto another desktop, then the course sometimes launches with a blank white screen with the small black square icon in the top left (see attached).

The most interesting aspect of the problem is that I've tried this on all 11 the computers in my office. The deciding factor for if the course launched vs. gave the white screen was whether or not Articulate storyline (either trial or purchased copy) was ever once installed on the computer.  So if a computer has or had Storyline, the course will launch.  If it has never had a copy or a trial version, it will not launch.  Any ideas on a solution?  I need to assume my clients will not have storyline.  

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David Jones

Hi Leslie,

Understood.  I'm doing the correct steps then.  I'm copying the .zip output to a flash drive, pasting it onto the desktop of another computer, extracting the .zip and double-clicking the "launch_story.exe"  file.  I created a simple slide test project (to rule out size issues) and run into the same issue on computers that never had storyline installed: White screen with black icon in the top left.

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