Articulate Storyline TinCan compatibility

Jul 13, 2014


I am developing an LMS+LRS platform and want it to integrate with Articulate Storyline. However there are some issues which I am facing in doing so. I've gone through the Articulate tincan white paper many times and here's where I am stuck :

a. When an Articulate storyline is created for TinCan and the Endpoint is added in the package. with the auth & reg parameters.

b. I am able to capture the json requests, however the json seem to be unreadable by any function in php or java. So I am processing this as a string and capturing the course,verb & object.

c. Since the Object and Course are in ID format I need to grab their readable form from the XML

d. Any inbuilt php (DOMDocument or SimpleXML ) function to read through the XML is failing and errors out stating malformed XML.

So the main issue I am facing is :

a. How to read the tincan.xml ?

b. How to capture the json requests correctly ?

Any information/help in this regard would be helpful.

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