Articulate Storyline v10 - Cannot find player error in SuccessFactors LMS

I uploaded a training module created with Articulate Storyline v10 but when I launch it in SuccessFactors LMS I get an error message that states it cannot find the player.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? If so, is Articulate Storyline v10 no longer compatible with this LMS?

Thanks. Claudio


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Claudio -- 

In addition to Leslie's suggestion to test in the SCORM Cloud, may I ask if you are attempting to access your LMS via a mobile device, can you confirm that the error message you are encountering is the same as what is depicted in this article: “Cannot Access Content” Error when Launching Articulate Storyline Content in the Articulate Mobile Player?

And just so you have it handy, here is some additional information for your review:

Publishing a Course for Mobile Devices

System Requirements for Articulate Storyline 2

Please let us know if issues persist! :)

Claudio Rosinol-Conforti

Thanks Christie. I unchecked the mobile options and republished it. I then uploaded it to the LMS again and it now does launch. However, the issue I am now experiencing is that the LMS will not show the course as completed unless I set it up as "complete when content is launched." This means that if you launch and close the training the LMS will show as completed which, for compliance reasons I should not do. Any thoughts?


Claudio Rosinol-Conforti

FYI: I republished the training using AICC (passed/failed) and the LMS is now mapped to the file named "index_lms." I can launch the training and it shows completed only after I view all slides. This issue has been resolved, but I still encounter an issue with a vendor training that is SCORM 1.2. When I launch this training I get the attached error message: (unable to acquire LMS API). SAP cannot figure this one out.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Claudio -- Thanks so much for your response and for the image of the error message you have shared. Please take a look at this post on a very similar topic, and let us know if any of the suggestions offered help you find improvement. And please be sure that you are testing the course within the LMS itself rather than locally, as described here.

You may also find the following articles to be of benefit, as well: 

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Hope that helps and please keep us posted! :)