Articulate Storyline v3 - Content reviewing for subject matter experts

Jun 19, 2019

Hello all,

I know that Articulate 360 applications offer a very nice online review option to allow any stakeholder a way to see the eLearning content and make comments. 

Is there any similar option available for Storyline v3? How do stakeholders review Storyline v3 content before it's published to our LMS?

Thank you

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Noel Read

I have that same question. I have used two methods for the review - one is the published story that reviewers can navigate through and the other is using - which is a video of the module that allows reviewers to make comments. I have found I have to use both because the video (which you can record using Storyline or Snagit, or similar) doesn't give the reviewer an opportunity to navigate through the module.

There are other on-line tools that are available, such as  they charge for their service but uploading one course at a time is free, so you can delete it once it's reviewed and then upload a new one. You can use the paid version and have more courses uploaded at the same time.

Shawn Connelly

Oh... this is rather disappointing. :(

But thank you. Maybe RML might work. Although, I agree with Tom... it might be more worthwhile to just move to Articulate 360.

I thought that maybe if I export a lesson to Word, and then convert it to Google Docs, that would offer a good alternative method of collaboration. Unfortunately, publishing as Word requires that I have Word installed. :(   

And there are no other export options available in Storyline v3. :(

Shawn Connelly

Again, thanks for all your help.

This is what I've come up with for collaboration with SMEs. I may use all or some of these methods in my workflow:

  1. Publish training to Word, convert Word document to Google Docs. 
    Pros: Allows for OS agnostic real-time collaboration.
    Cons: Tedious to update so content can go out of sync quickly. Comments are lost with every update. Content isn't perfectly represented (but close enough).
  2. Use Google Docs to output text file for questions/answers import into Storyline. 
    Pros: Allows for easy direct entry of assessments by SMEs, real-time collaboration.
    Cons: Error prone if SME doesn't follow the formatting.

    a) I don't know how to use this feature for importing questions, other than MC - Multiple choice.
    b) I don't know how to update/overwrite question content corrections. 
    c) I don't know how to import the questions into a customized graded questions template.
  3. Use Review my Elearning.
    Pros: Allows real-time collaboration on finalized eLearning content.
    Cons: Potentially expensive, if you need simultaneous collaboration on more than lesson. Security is unknown at this time. I will have to get my security team to review this site.

Thank you, all. 

Tom Kuhlmann

You could create a review slide using a web object. Then add that as a lightbox in the player. At that point, anytime they want to add a note, they can click on the review tab and add it.

I'd use a google form or something like jotform. You'd at least be able to get everything in a single document.

At the ATDICE conference I talked to a customer who said they tracked the cost of course reviews between the training team and the reviewers. They created lots of courses so their time spent was a bit high.

They said they spent about $500K a yr just on reviews and sending things back and forth. When they switched to Articulate 360, they cut the time to review and manage the process significantly. Definitely enough to justify the upgrade. Something to keep in mind. 

Shawn Connelly

>You could create a review slide using a web object. Then add that as a lightbox in the
>player. At that point, anytime they want to add a note, they can click on the review
>tab and add it.

That is a really interesting idea. Such a feature will allow for continuous feedback. The only potential problem might be authentication with Google Forms. But I'll test this. 

Thank you. 

Shawn Connelly

Okay, I think I am getting there... two problems. One embedding in iframe doesn't seem to work in Windows Edge browser (not sure why that was the default), and most importantly, I needed to add the ?embedded=true flag to the Google Form URL. It now works in Chrome. 

<iframe src="" width="500" height="300"></iframe>

Shawn Connelly

I thought of another potential collaboration method utilizing the translate export / import function. 

My preliminary testing appears to work correctly:

  1. In Storyline v3 - File > Translation > Export to Word
  2. Open the Word document in Google Docs (convert to allow editing)
  3. Save Google doc as a Word document (Google docs conversion only supports .docx).
  4. Open the converted Word document in Word, and re-save as .doc (ignore the incompatibility message).
  5. In Storyline v3 - File > Translation > Import > Open .doc file.

I was surprised that this worked so well because I thought the round-trip multiple conversions might be problematic. 

Shawn Connelly

Unfortunately, the translation option will not work with questions because questions are presented with text only. This means that only minor changes to existing questions are possible. Changing adding/deleting choices isn't possible because there is no indication of correct or incorrect answers.

I thought of using Trivantis' Reviewlink... but again, stopped in my tracks because it only supports up to Storyline v2. :(

The Review my Elearning option looks decent. Although it only allows commenting, I will take this as a win. :)  

Thank you, all!


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