Articulate Storyline Version issues

Hello! I have two recurring issues with the storyline 13 software and I am really wanting to get these figured out. I have storyline and quizmaker 13.

First problem: Everytime there are updates available in Storyline and I click to get the updates, it cannot identify the verison of articulate I have and it aborts.

The second problem I have is quizmaker 13. Work great within its own platform, but when I try to import a quiz into a story in storyline, it says is cannot import because the version of quizmaker is newer than that of Storyline This is an issue as they are both to be the same! HELP PLEASE!!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris!

You are always welcome to come here for the latest Storyline updates when you have difficulty.

As far as importing QM '13 into Storyline, this is not compatible.

You could publish your Quizmaker '13 quizzes as standalone quizzes. Upload those quizzes to your web server or LMS, then insert them as web objects in your Storyline project.