Articulate Storyline2 Training


I am planning to register for SL2 training.  Can anyone provide feedback on any organizations that provide it.

I have researched two:

Yukon Learning which is in-class which I like as an Instructor would be available face to face which could speed up the learning process.

Training Mag which is live+online which was recommended by because Trina Rimmer and Kevin Thorn.

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C Michel

Hi!  I recently attended a session at the Yukon Learning Center in Richmond, VA.  The instructor was great!  His name was John Berendes.  I understand he does most of the instruction for Yukon.  The hands-on experience was wonderful.  John was very patient and the pace of the class was great.  I attended the two-day basic training class.  I would highly recommend Yukon.  Also, received some exercise (on my computer) that help with practice when you get back.


Daniela Slater

Thanks Leslie.  I heard of someone else who took the TrainingMag course.  

Thanks for your feedback C Michel.  I assume they provided you with a certificate?

I have been learning so much on my own from the Articulate tutorials, and I am so grateful to the eLearning Heroes community for their timeliness in responding to my queries which has helped me so much. I think perhaps it's time for face to face as I really want to get the first hand in-person assistance to speed up the learning process. So perhaps Yukon may be the route to take this time.

I'm thinking of taking the 3-day and get the whole package.  I feel good about what I have learned so far but now want to make sure I understand what I've learned.

Thanks again !

Chris Wall

About two years ago, I got to take the Yukon classroom training for Articulate 1, and I gotta say, it was EXCELLENT!!! Not only was our trainer an extremely skilled facilitator, but she also developed (develops) eLearning courses using Storyline when she's not teaching for Yukon.

I can't recommend their classes highly enough! Get on it and enroll now! You'll be glad you did! (and, just in case this is looking like a shameless plug or plant, no, I am not in any way affiliated with Yukon).