Articulate Storyline360: Side Menu changes and collapse

Jul 16, 2018

Good Morning:

I have a couple issues I am looking to conquer. I have a lengthy projected with will require some 30+ sections.

1. Is there a setting to close each section to begin the course, instead of closing when the section when the learner completes that section?

2. How do you move sections around in the timeline so the section numbers change accordingly? I am kinda

Thank you all for your assistance!


2 Replies
Phil Mayor

In the menu if you collapse the items in player settings they will start closed.

for number 2 do you mean the scenes, to renumber them you have to cut and paste the whole scene. E.g. if you have scenes 1,2,3,4, and you want scene four to be scene 2. Cut scene 4 (ctrl+x) click on scene 1 and paste (ctrl+c), only way I know how.

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