Articulate Training in Australia

Hi All

I am new to Instructional design and I am looking for Face to face Articulate training in NSW, Australia in the next 2 months. I understand that B-Online are the certified team but they do not have face to face in Sydney until April.

I have seen that Ecreators, Microway and knowledge Academy have session but I have not been involved with these companies before.

Is anyone able to give me a review of any of the above providers or recommend any others?

Thank you all for your time


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Craig and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

It looks like you are already aware of the Articulate-certified training for your region.

I look forward to seeing what services others have utilized and will recommend for you as well.

For Articulate 360 subscribers, we have a full schedule of online webinars hosted by e-learning experts. Browse the schedule here.

Troy Ashman

Hi Craig,

Whilst I don’t know any providers in NSW, more than happy to connect 1:1 with you to offer you some support, tips or advice as I am based in NSW. 

The team at b Online Learning are great and I had completed their “Elearning Essentials” course, however, all my experience is self-taught.

Good luck with your search!