Articulate Updater Feature to Update Directly in an LMS

I understand that it's a fix for compatibility and new OS and web browsers.

I know there's an issue with javascript and iOS 9 incompatibility. Is the web browser "fix" component in the update remedy this?

Will it also fix published TinCan format on the LMS as well?

Any new developments or fixes with the HTML5 audio synch issues?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gem,

I know you've also been discussing some of these issues in this thread with Justin and I recently responded to your other question here about HTML5 audio issue so it looks like we may have covered a few of the questions here. The updater will work with all content you've previously published with Storyline 1, 2 or Studio 13 regardless of the publishing/LMS setting. 

I'm not sure what issue with Javascript and iOS 9 you're referring to - do you have a link to a thread or have you reached out to our Support team? 

You can always check the release notes if you're looking for a particular fix, as elements are documented there. 

Hope that helps.

Gem Austria

Just testing overall since we are also in the midst of having our LMS transition to TinCan publishing. Our LMS vendor says that JavaScript is not compatible with iOS 9 as it was with iOS 8.

I tested an HTML5/TinCan (only) published file and it played and tracked on the iPad iOS8 but we confirmed with our IT department that it did not have the AMP downloaded on it... my interpretation was that the AMP had to be on the device in order for any courses to get tracked to our LMS, that was what I am confirming with Justin now.

I further queried whether the Articulate Updater had an internal fix for javascript to be compatible with iOS 9 since the updater should add compatibility with new OS and browsers. Hope this clarifies things a bit.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gem,

I just responded in the other thread too - and believe I answered your question re: Tin Can and HTML5/AMP. You don't need to use AMP, but if you're going to, you likely need to have published for Tin Can and would need to select the AMP option as a part of the publishing options. 

I don't see anything specific to Storyline output and Javascript not working on iOS9? Could it be that this is an LMS specific set up or issue that they've encountered? If you have a course that has Javascript and isn't working in your LMS, I'd advise you to look at testing it in SCORM Cloud as it's an industry standard for testing LMS content. You can follow the directions here in regards to testing the content and you may see an error message when uploading, but it can be safely ignored.