Articulate Video Encoder

Jul 02, 2013


I published some videos through Articulate into our company's e-learning site.  The only problem is when people click on the video it takes them about 15 minutes for it to download before they can watch it.  The video is only 15 minutes in length.  We don't like the quality of this course because no one wants to sit and wait 15 minutes for a video to download before they can watch it.

How can we avoid this and make the video just play right away?  I am not very technical, especially with video editing, but I am the e-learning administrator for our company.  I could really use any help you can give me with Articulate Video Encoder. 

Thank you!

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Mike Enders


Welcome to Heroes!  My quick thoughts...

1. Bypass Articulate Video Encoder and drop your video file directly into Storyline.  Storyline will do the compression for you and should result in a higher quality given that you're only encoding once (versus twice).  Test this to see if the response time is quicker.

2. It could be that your server is struggling to serve up the video.  Or, the users connection speed isn't very quick.  Or, the video is still just a monster in terms of it's size.  Regardless, a way to get around this would be to post the video on a site such as YouTube or Vimeo (you can keep it unlisted so nobody else can find it) and then use the embed code to show it in Storyline.  This would offload the video from the server and give the learners a nice visual cue as to how long it's going to take the video to load.

I hope this helps!