Articulate Videos in Windows 7

We have had complaints from users that videos (created using Storyline and Replay), don't work correctly. They either won't play with sound or in some cases won't play at all.

In one situation, I found out the user has Windows 7 instead of Windows 10. When she opened the course in Windows 10, the videos worked just fine.

Does anyone know if there is a player problem with Windows 7 and if so, is there a workaround?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christopher,

As Gerry mentioned, we've seen some issues with folks viewing videos in Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7. 

Make these adjustments to your file to ensure everyone can view the videos without issues: 

  • Set your slide size to default - 720x540 (4:3).
  • Reduce the video width, and ensure that it is less than the width of your slide size. Be sure the video width is 998 pixels or smaller.
  • Turn video compression off.
Gerry Wasiluk

Hmmm, interesting. 

Based on what I've seen and researched, I'm not sure that will address the issues.  Hope I'm wrong, though. :)

Sometimes in my research, it looked like it might possibly be solved with changing certain IE browser settings and, unfortunately, I couldn't test because the client's organization had that part of the browser turned off from users being able to change.

And having everything at 720 x 540 (4:3) is a showstopper, IMVHO.  :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Gerry! 

We've got a specific bug in Storyline 360 where HD videos won't play when viewing content on Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 PC. Folks who ran into that bug have had success with the workarounds I shared, but it's certainly possible that Christopher is running into another type of issue.  To be sure, we'll want to take a closer look at the file and test it on our side. 

Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Alyssa!  Good to know.  :)

I just finished two SL360 courses with HD videos I authored in Vyond and had no issues (yet at least).  The courses were 16:9 (960 x540 pixel player size) and most of the client reviewers had Win7/IE11 and had no issues.  I also had a laptop from the client with Win7/IE11 and the courses worked fine there eventually.  All the videos from Vyond were exported at full HD (1080p).  I let SL360 size them smaller to 960 x 540.

The only problem I had was playing the course from a SharePoint site for alpha and beta reviews (client's preference).  Ended up using Review 360 instead and no viewing issues from there.

Mariel Newkirk

Hi Gerry & Alyssa,

We are experiencing the same issue with some of our users.  The issue is specifically with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11.  

We have two videos in a course that are compressed to 720x406 (by articulate).   The first video is 3.1 mb and the 2nd video is 3.6 mb.  The issue is with the 3.6 mb video.  It gives the error message "ie 11 crashed" when attempting to play the 3.6 mb video. 

Were there any solutions to this problem that would allow users of Windows 7 and IE 11 still be able to play the content? 

Thanks!  Mariel

Gerry Wasiluk

I've always felt the best interim tactic sometimes is how to best get the learner through the course ASAP.  Helping them should be the prime, initial focus.  Have them try the course on another PC, preferably one without Windows 7.  Or, if permitted, have them use Chrome or FireFox.

Then, for the long term, report the issue to Articulate and see if they can address it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mariel, 

Thanks for reaching out. Our team looked into this issue and have narrowed it down to an update within the Windows 7 platform. It does not occur when using Chrome in that environment or using IE11 in Windows 10. 

If you're restricted to accessing IE11 on a Windows 7 machine, you'll want to look at implementing one of these workarounds: 

  • Set your slide size to default - 720x540 (4:3).
  • Reduce the video width and ensure that it is less than the width of your slide size.
    • Adjust the video width size to about 998 or smaller.
  • Turn video compression off.

Hope that helps! 

Mariel Newkirk

Ok, thanks!
I have a few questions in RED.

* Set your slide size to default - 720x540 (4:3).
* Reduce the video width and ensure that it is less than the width of your slide size.
* Adjust the video width size to about 998 or smaller. (is this the size my video needs to be before I import it into Storyline 360? Normally I do 1920x1080 and let 360 compress)
* Turn video compression off. (How do I do this?)
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