Articulate won't open

Jan 17, 2017

Hi there, 

I am a student trying to watch lectures on my iPad, but the Articulate app does not work as it should. When I click the link to watch the lecture in Blackboard, it goes to the launch icon for 1 second. Even if you are able to hit the launch button, it just forwards to the 'get the free articulate mobile app' page.

I have seen similar reviews such as mine all throughout the articulate App Store download page that date back quite some time up until just yesterday. Do you have any plans to fix the app or are we stuck, hopeless?



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Crystal Horn

Hey Ryan, thanks for reaching out!  It sounds like when you go to launch the course, it is just endlessly prompting you to get the Articulate Mobile Player.  When iOS9 came out, Apple made changes to the way their apps launch.  We saw the behavior that you're describing in the Articulate Mobile Player.

The course needs to be republished with the latest version of our software, which is something that must be done by the course creator.  Can you share this information with your instructor, or have them reach out to us?  We can help them get their courses updated so that they run seamlessly on mobile devices.

Thanks again, Ryan.  Good luck with your classes this year.

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