Articulate, xAPI, and LMS

Our university is currently attempting to track how students interact with our Articulate (Rise and Storyline) presentations inside of our 2 LMS environments(Blackboard and Canvas). Does anyone have experience doing this on a large scale using xAPI? We are just trying to get an idea of what's possible and what that setup looks like.


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Dearne Willing

Hi Daniel,

I would be interested in your findings so far with Canvas and Articulate 360 so far. I am still testing with SCORM and tracking at the moment and will be happy to share my findings shortly. I have been informed Canvas is unable to offer xAPI only API. I will be contacting Canvas support this week to confirm my testings.



Daniel Amos


I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately we have had to put our work on utilizing xAPI on hold for the time being. We do currently use SCORM in Canvas to track student activity in Storyline and Rise content. This doesn't give the detailed picture of student activity that xAPI could accomplish, but for the time being it has met our needs. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'll be happy to help any way that I can.



Dearne Willing

Thanks Dan,

I seem to have Rise covered with reporting back to Canvas. xAPI would be great if Canvas could support this feature.

Do you click the load in new tab in SCORM assignment settings to have Rise open in new tab or within Canvas frame?  I have found keeping Rise within doesn't seem to allow Rise to shine as it does with a new tab (and the new tab links the student out of the LMS, not keeping them within Canvas as I would prefer. I do link back to Canvas within Rise as a workaround).

I do have troubles with Storyline and tracking. Can you let me know how you have approached tracking into Canvas with Storyline, settings etc. please?

Sorry re all the questions, it's just wonderful to have contact with someone else who is using Canvas and Articulate 360 who I can chat to.



Daniel Amos


It's good to see someone else out there struggling with how to present Rise presentations while using an LMS. So far we have embedded Rise presentations inside of Canvas pages as an HTML object, but this has kept us from using Rise for graded assignments. The other issue that we have run into is that, depending on the length of the content in Rise, two scroll bars will appear. One is in the Rise presentation itself and the other is created by the LMS. This makes navigating the presentation clunky and really makes the mobile experience less than optimal. In a perfect world, we would have assignments that could be tracked while being presented as a seamless part of the LMS content. If we can ever hit that goal 100%, it would be a game changer for our content.

As for tracking with Storyline, what specific issues are you running into? With all of the possible types of interactions and tracking, we often have to edit our settings or edit the way we set up the activity to make sure we are getting the desired results.

Thanks again for reaching out, I agree that there is relief in finding someone else out there trying to get Canvas and Articulate to play nice.



Dearne Willing

Hi Dan

With Rise I have imported as SCORM as a graded assignment and change settings to not count towards the final grade, purposefully to check if students have completed the learning (at the moment I am only using Rise for learning content, not assessment).

Storyline is where I'm having the trouble. I've imported Storyline 360 (SCORM 2004, 4th ed and all other SCORM versions) into LMS (Canvas) and I set up the tracking as Completed/Incomplete since I would like to track slide views (if all 15 have been viewed) and have this report back to LMS. 

So far when I test this with either viewing all sides or only a couple of slides the Gradebook has a x. This is understandable with not all slides being viewed, but when all slides are viewed still the x in the Gradebook?

Do you know how to set up setting either in Canvas or Storyline to receive a tick in the Gradebook once all slides are viewed?

When importing Rise as scorm when the student returns to the Rise lessons and views all lessons the x turns into a tick in the Gradebook which is really good.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dearne.  It sounds like the LMS output of Storyline is not reporting the completion properly in Canvas for you, and it's reproducible in the different versions of SCORM.  

Would you be able to share your .story file with our support team for testing?  We've prioritized an issue where some courses are not working properly in the LMS environment, so I'd like to see if your experience is similar to what we've found.

I'm sorry you've been dealing with this issue, but hopefully we can offer some help!

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi, Dearne – and those following this thread!

I wanted to circle back here to note that I saw that Vevette made some recommendations to you in your support case:

For this file, I had used the Passed/Incomplete reporting status. Perhaps the tick/X marks are dependent on the Success status? 

Many LMSs track a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when you publish. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status. 

Thanks for working through that with us, and we're so happy to hear that everything works beautifully after that suggestion ☺️Feel free to reach out here as well if you need anything else!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, John.  It sounds like your LMS doesn't support Tin Can API since you mentioned the LRS is "hosted elsewhere."  Is that correct?

If your LMS does support Tin Can, I would expect it to be able to process the Tin Can info as well.  If that's not the case, however, Storyline isn't natively designed to send SCORM statements in one direction and Tin Can info in another.

Does anyone in the community have a similar setup with distinct LRS and LMS environments?

Scott Wiley

Hi John,

I don't have experience with Cornerstone yet, but will also be evaluating them relatively soon.

I have done a proof of concept project to use custom JavaScript to "dual track" activities in a SCORM published course in and LMS sending Tin Can statements to an external LRS.

It was a few years ago, and was just some simple prototypes. It's not ideal, but is possible.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John and Scott,

If you're looking for some experts on Cornerstone I'd check this discussion on Everything we Know About Cornerstone on Demand and see if anyone there can offer advice. You could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! 

Let us know if you need anything else. 

Natalie Ann

Hi Crystal. We r using Blackboard for LMS and Learning Locker for LRS. We wish to send TinCan API (xAPI) data from our Storyline 360 learning packages to our LRS. All our packages resides on Blackboard on cloud. Is TinCan API compatible with Blackboard? Is there any article links on this?

I tried sending TinCan API data to LRS from xapiApps (Learning experience platform) and it worked fine. But when i use the same learning package on Blackboard, the data is not sent over. Could you advice on this? I am stuck. Thx!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know your setup. We do not have articles on all the compatible LMS systems out there, so I'd reach out to your LMS team to learn this information.

I do see where you mentioned here that it was not compatible.

I know that we have many users that utilize Blackboard, so hopefully, they will be able to chime in and help you out as well.