Articulate zip vs 7 zip, vs WinZip

We would like to move a bunch of Published output folders that were published for the web into our LMS. We don't need SCORM on these. Rather than using Storyline 2 to publish them again and zipping the folders, we would like to just zip the folders of the already published output folders and load those into the LMS (SABA). If we go the republish then zip using SL2 everything works great. If we use 7zip or Winzip, it doesn't work at all. What is different about the zip feature in SL2  and is there a zip program that will work?

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Paul Schneider

I bet on both of them you have the defaults set to the their proprietary zip methods (which make everything smaller still) - both of those allow you to use a compatible mode - which I am sure will solve your problem.  (or even in windows just select all files and right click and choose send to compressed.

Darren Goossens

PKWare invented ZIP and maintain the standard, so should be as standards compliant as anyone can get. They have a free evaluation period and if it works it's $29.

Gnu zip for Windows is completely free and might work.