AS 2 - Video problems

Hi all,

I am facing some difficulties with my latest e-learning. After inserting a video from a file the space where the video should be is gray, with no preview picture. When previewing the video plays normally. However, after publishing to LMS the video can't be played. It looks like it is not part of the course. 

I have tried to deleted and upload the video to the course multiple times even re-published the course. The course has more videos - same format and the rest is ok.

Do you know what could be the problem?

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Alexandra Szafian

Hi Danny,

first of all thank you for your reply.  I have checked the published file and all videos seem to be there. Although there is one strange thing. I re-published the course this morning, 3 videos of 5 have todays date in the file and 2 have a date 18th April. I guess those are the non-functional videos...

I would say the problem is in the videos, but in other language mutations they are working perfectly...

Alexandra Szafian

Hi Leslie,

We are not using SCORM Cloud at the company I work for, so I can only confirm the isuse in our local LMS.

And yes, I am using Storyline 2.

The biggest curiousity about this issue is that there are 3 language mutations of the course, in 2 videos work just fine but in the third mutation two videos cannot be played.... The same videos were used in all mutations.