AS2 > AS3 file upgrade issues

Hi all,

I'm trying out AS3 and upgraded an AS2 file to AS3 however I've noticed quite a few issues with the upgrade and was wondering if there are any fixes or if these are known issues and i should avoid AS3 until they've been fixed:

  1. Upgrade didn't import my player colour settings
  2. Q5-8 the hover on Submit button does not work the first time hovered over but does the second time
  3. Q9-10 True/false buttons - the hover on each button does not work the first time hovered over but does the second time
  4. I have to hold right click to show the trigger edit option this was just a single right click with no hold in AS2
  5. On results layer "Success" the button "Review quiz" now disappears after hovering. This did not disappear in AS2. (I deleted the button and created a new one from scratch but it still disappeared after i hovered)
  6. Variable Hide_Submit no longer works. When learner clicks "Review quiz" on "Success" layer and is taken to the question slides the Submit button should be hidden (Hide_Submit  = True) and the Next/Prev buttons should appear (Hide_Submit = True) however this no longer  works.
  7. On the results slide "Failure" layer colour is blank but it should be Red.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm still very new to Articulate as a whole so I hope it's not something I'm doing? Or if this is even the right place to post?

I've attached my AS2 and AS3 files.



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