AS2 tweens inside swf embedded in storyline.

May 01, 2013


I have tried to embed flash files that contain dynamic tweens in Storyline but am having problems. Only animations on the first page appear to work, and only once. When you go forward a page and then back the tween does not repeat as it should. Other animations in all other pages do not appear to be work.

Is there a solution to this problem?

I have attached a zip containing a published course which demonstrates the issue, and also all the source files needed to publish the course.

If this could please be investigated and a solution found that would be fantastic. Thanks.

Kind  regards,


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Will Morris

Hi Doug, thanks for having a look.

The flash files need to contain actionscript tweens so unfortunately I can't use your fix. Dynamic tweens work fine in flash files when embeded in Articulate Presenter courses, but they won't work in Storyline ones...?

I've had a look at inserting them as a web object inside an html file but unfortunately I can't get this method to work either... anyone got any ideas?



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